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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmongrelmon‧grel /ˈmʌŋɡrəl $ ˈmɑːŋ-, ˈmʌŋ-/ noun [countable]  HBADHPa dog that is a mix of several different breeds
Examples from the Corpus
mongrelShe's a mongrel really, but that's what Sebastian calls her.Iyer is a hybrid being or rather, to use his wry term, a mongrel.Benny, her mongrel, foraging ahead.It was a mad mongrel of a building, a Victorian folly lampooning the worst taste of several architectural ages.But whenever he wandered off el grip would loosen, el thwing would revert and the comfortable old mongrel ways would return.I keep half a dozen pond mongrels in a tank, and every one is dear to me.Two centuries later, the mongrels have found an identity of their own and have become a pest.It scurried over to a pile of old newspapers with the mongrel in close attendance.