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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmoosemoose /muːs/ noun (plural moose) [countable]  HBAa large brown animal like a deer that has very large flat antlers (=horns that grow like branches) and lives in North America, northern Europe, and parts of Asia
Examples from the Corpus
mooseWell, one year, she was the only one to get a moose.It is quite wild around they had a moose that came out one summer up there.So we decide to ride up to Graveyard Lake to see about getting some ducks, or maybe a moose.But within one moose generation-7.5 years-this had changed.On the opposite shore I saw two large gray black shapes: moose!The team already knew that moose exposed to new predator populations are more vulnerable.In the land where the moose roam free, few such codes of practice apply.The moose resumed his leisurely walk toward me, and his grunts.