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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmuzzlemuz‧zle1 /ˈmʌzəl/ noun [countable]  1 HBAthe nose and mouth of an animal, especially a dog or horse2 DHPa cover that you put over a dog’s mouth to stop it from biting people3 PMWthe open end of a gun, where the bullets come out
Examples from the Corpus
muzzleDon't forget a muzzle is very helpful in those early days.I glanced at the blasting muzzles on my left and realized that we were beginning to line up on the barrels.The dog lifted his muzzle to pick up a scent.The silenced muzzle of a gun stabbed out of the darkness and spat twice.One carried a rifle by its stock, a. 30 -. 30, the muzzle bouncing off his toe.Two small batteries fitted the butt while the beam escaped at the muzzle.If the muzzle has been properly tied the ferret will be free to lick but not to bite.You could actually see the shockwave zip out of the muzzle.I could see the muzzle flashes in the tree line fifty yards away, which blocked our take-off path.