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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnestnest1 /nest/ ●●○ noun [countable] πŸ”Š πŸ”Š 1 nest.jpg HBBbirds a place made or chosen by a bird to lay its eggs in and to live in πŸ”Š a bird’s nest πŸ”Š In May the females build a nest and lay their eggs. πŸ”Š Young eagles leave the nest after only two months.2 HBIHBAinsects/animals a place where insects or small animals live πŸ”Š a field mouse’s nest3 β†’ leave/fly the nest4 β†’ nest of spies/thieves/intrigue etc5 β†’ nest of tables/boxes etc β†’ feather your nest at feather2(1), β†’ mare’s nest at mare(2), β†’ love nestCOLLOCATIONSverbsbuild/make a nestSwallows build their nests out of mud.leave the nestBarn owls leave the nest at two to three months.types of nesta bird's/eagle's/crow's etc nestan abandoned bird's nesta wasps'/hornets' nesta wasps' nest in the attican ants' nesta red ants' nest
Examples from the Corpus
nestβ€’ About as pleasant to come across as a nest of vipers.β€’ I checked the old abandoned nest.β€’ Several butterfly species live out their caterpillar stage inside an ants' nest.β€’ Then ants would crawl through the cracks in the floor and build a big nest in the middle of the bedroom.β€’ Individuals could invest in stocks and bonds themselves, creating their own retirement nest eggs.β€’ Villages are unspoilt, usually built around a medieval church with a stork's nest on top.β€’ The female sits inside the nest while the male goes off collecting nest material.β€’ For as long as they had known each other it had been their nest, their retreat, their beautiful private world.bird’s nestβ€’ My hair comes out like a bird's nest and my eyes look slitty.β€’ We are in the kitchen, sitting by a fire made from damp driftwood and bits of abandoned bird's nest.