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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishomnivorousom‧niv‧o‧rous /ɒmˈnɪvərəs $ ɑːm-/ adjective  1 HBAan animal that is omnivorous eats both meat and plantscarnivorous, herbivorous2 INTERESTED formal interested in everything, especially in all books an omnivorous reader
Examples from the Corpus
omnivorousYet saw-fly larvae are actually pretty omnivorous.Learning becomes even more important in the feeding of so omnivorous an animal as the rat.The omnivorous black rat consumes seeds, flowers and fruits, and many small animals.All were white caucasians on an ad libitum omnivorous diet.Most fruit-eaters require other kinds of food as supplements, and they tend to be generally more omnivorous in their habits.Most of all, I loved her omnivorous passion for me.What the opportunist had neglected to consider in his scheme was the omniscient, omnipotent, omnivorous Presence.an omnivorous reporter