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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishotterot‧ter /ˈɒtə $ ˈɑːtər/ noun [countable]  HBAan animal with smooth brown fur that swims in rivers and eats fish
Examples from the Corpus
otterSmall-clawed Otter Eighteen species of otter are known, all of similar shape, but variable in size.Ocelots, jaguars, otters, tapirs, harpy eagles, and other endangered species survive there.Eventually divers provided first hand evidence that sea otters use rocks as hammers under water to dislodge the abalones.They're becoming experts on the otter.He says the otters that have swallowed a lot of oil may be so ill there's nothing that can be done.Pupils at Bredon School on the Worcestershire Gloucestershire border are making sure the otters are made welcome by building an artificial holt.Sometimes a young otter trails the white-faced adult, and is harried by a hungry gull competing for scraps of abalone.