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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpawpaw1 /pɔː $ pɒː/ ●●○ noun [countable]  1 cub.jpg HBAan animal’s foot that has nails or claws a lion’s paw2 informalHBH someone’s hand – used when you are annoyed or angry Keep your filthy paws off me!
Examples from the Corpus
pawSnyde came closer, reached out a paw and touched Whillan's flank strangely, casting a lingering look at it.The cat rolled on to her side, stretched, put a paw across her eyes.His hide is removed with head and paws attached and arranged upon a rack to look alive.The researchers injected formalin into animals' paws and watched how often they licked the wound.He sat down and pushed at the lid with one filthy paw.Our dog cut his paw on a piece of metal.I stared at the eyes of a blind toy, holding its paw.They can speak, via a whirring mechanical voice box, and they have mechanical human hands rather than paws.There were paw marks on the windows.Get your paws off my pizza!