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peltpelt2 noun [countable]  1 HBATIMthe skin of a dead animal, especially with the fur or hair still on ithide2 HBAthe fur or hair of a living animal3 (at) full pelt
Examples from the Corpus
peltA prime beaver pelt was worth $ 6 to $ 8 a pound.Murray was much worse: both legs broken and bone protruding through his pelt.Now, mink pelts sell for 75 cents and bobcats go for $ 35.In 1993 production of mink pelts was at 2.6m.mink peltsWhen the deal was consummated, Smith was given the assignment he coveted-to be in charge of finding new sources of pelts.An animal's pelt covered his scalp, its empty legs dangling beside his ears, yet it seemed not at all absurd.The rock jutted through the thin pelt of flowers and grass, and all at once the horizon concertinaed.I stroked his lovely velvety pelt and smelt his warm meaty breath.