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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishponypo‧ny1 /ˈpəʊni $ ˈpoʊ-/ ●●○ noun (plural ponies) [countable]  HBAa small horse pit pony, Shetland pony
Examples from the Corpus
ponyIsaac is known among the country as an expert at gelding ponies.He slept next to his pony.He should love the colt as he loved the mud pony.Joanna had insisted on keeping the pony and trap when her husband had bought the Armstrong.And tomorrow the ponies are coming.The pony told him to leave him and go to his family, but to return to him the next morning.Remember though that these ponies are wild animals and shouldn't be approached.Giles toiled away and was economical but his tendon trouble occasionally gave him the look of a wounded pony.