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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpridepride1 /praɪd/ ●●● S3 W3 noun  1 feeling of pleasure [uncountable]PROUD a feeling that you are proud of something that you or someone connected with you has achievedproud He wore his medals with pride.pride in He takes great pride in his children’s achievements. The people have a sense of pride in their community. His heart swelled with pride when his daughter came in. She felt a glow of pride when her name was announced for the prize. Success in sport is a source of national pride.2 respectPRIDE/SELF-RESPECT [uncountable] a feeling that you like and respect yourself and that you deserve to be respected by other peopleproudsomebody’s pride It hurt his pride when his wife left him. I think that getting a job would give him his pride back. She didn’t try to hide her anger and injured pride. It’s a matter of pride for some men that their wives don’t have to work.3 too much pridePROUD [uncountable] a belief that you are better than other people and do not need their help or supportproudsomebody’s pride His pride wouldn’t allow him to ask for help. She ought to swallow her pride (=ignore or forget her feelings of pride) and call him.4 take pride in your work/appearance etc5 somebody’s pride and joy6 the pride of something7 have/take pride of place8 HBAlions [countable] a group of lions A young lion had strayed some distance from the pride.COLLOCATIONSadjectivesgreat prideCaroline is pictured here holding the trophy with great pride.immense pride (=very great)He takes immense pride in his grandson.national pride (=pride in your country)A flag is a symbol of national pride.civic pride (=pride in your town or city)The museum is a vital source of civic pride.verbstake pride in something (=feel proud of something)She takes pride in her beautiful gardens.be bursting with pride (=feel very proud)I could see that her mother was bursting with pride.swell with pride (=start to feel very proud)He would swell with pride as he discussed his department’s achievements.glow with pride (=look very proud)‘I knew he could do it, ’ she said, glowing with pride.phrasesa sense of prideI still feel a sense of pride at having been a member of the regiment.a source of pride (=a reason to feel proud)The Chinese Olympic Games were a source of pride to the whole country.
Examples from the Corpus
pridegay prideHe talked with great pride about his father's work.Her pride in her daughter knew no bounds.Her pride would not allow her to ask for help.Hurt pride is a ferocious beast.He has too much pride to say he's sorry.Chinese students have a sense of national pride.After all these years she still couldn't resist a feeling of pride when she said that to a total stranger.It is a mark of cross-cultural identification, involving a complicated mix of pride, achievement and lingering shame.As they obeyed, Mungo could see that the sorcerer's apprentice was a toad, puffed up with fear or pride.We don't like failing - it hurts our pride.In the end, the main character is destroyed by his own pride and ambition.It's unwise to let policy be influenced, let alone jeopardized, by outraged personal pride.Given another chance, she wouldn't have let her stupid pride or injured dignity become a barrier between them.An unsullied safety record swelled pride in Concorde's technical achievement as the years passed.A runaway hamster called Sophie takes pride of place where the school rat once roamed.Bursting with pride, she stood up to receive her prize.national prideOne, he might have wanted to show his national pride.Those whose job it is to attract investment say the issue of national pride is an old one.First discovery of things astronomical has become a matter of national pride.It's good to see such national pride.Still, there were moments when national pride asserted itself.He devotes his life to something and then refuses to take it seriously when national pride is on the line.injured prideWe sympathise with his injured pride and feel an injustice has indeed been committed.Instead I retreated into a shell of injured pride.Bernice thought she detected more than a suggestion of injured pride in his rigid stance.swallow ... prideLast night she had swallowed her pride and rung the Kilburn flat twice.He swallowed his pride and went to Frieda, told her the situation.There was also a cost in swallowed pride by the architects.Michelle, set on being an actress, wasn't interested at first, but in the end she swallowed her pride.But the argument, that they should swallow their pride and join the union, does not seem popular at present.Still, it was painful, and he struggled desperately to swallow his pride.