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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishreindeerrein‧deer /ˈreɪndɪə $ -dɪr/ noun (plural reindeer) [countable]  reindeer.jpg HBAa large deer with long wide antlers (=horns), that lives in cold northern areas
Examples from the Corpus
reindeerWe treated ourselves to a reindeer steak, then went for a last walk over the bridge towards the polar Cathedral.Ivan Dzhenkoul lost over two hundred reindeer.Yesterday I fed him the bony scraps from my reindeer stew and he is now mine for ever.Neither reindeer nor caribou have benefited much, since for them lack of forage is the problem.Our hotel had an indoor pool, a nightclub and good food - notably, reindeer stew with cranberry sauce.Thousands of starving reindeer, too weak to make the crossing, are being carried across in landing craft.The robber girl gave Gerda the reindeer, and off they went to Lapland.Both animals were damaged by resultant hybridization, the reindeer becoming wilder and the caribou weaker.