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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsheepsheep /ʃiːp/ ●●● S2 W3 noun (plural sheep) [countable]  1 sheep.jpg HBAa farm animal that is kept for its wool and its meat Sheep were grazing on the hillside. a sheep farmerflock of sheep (=a group of sheep) lamb12 like sheep3 make sheep’s eyes at somebody black sheep, → count sheep at count1(14), → separate the sheep from the goats at separate2(9), → a wolf in sheep’s clothing at wolf1(2)
Examples from the Corpus
sheepThe 17,248 sheep in attendance never got things to eardrum-shattering decibels, which was both unusual and a relief.Her father left things with her for mending, like a sheep leaves its wool on a fence, in passing.a sheep ranchWhen we stepped on board we found the boat largely occupied by sheep, always very smelly companions in a steamer.He and a Boston friend bought a ranch in Laramie and raised sheep, then steer, on the open range.The real problem, they say, is overgrazing by the sheep.He says that if you hold the sheep properly, it won't struggle.flock of sheepTheir expressions were drained of personality which gave them the family resemblance possessed by a flock of sheep.Four men-at-arms rode alongside, and bringing up the rear was another monk herding a flock of sheep and goats.A flock of sheep grazed in one green pasture, across the fence from a herd of contented Guernseys.She said she has a small enough flock of sheep to be able to remember their names and personalities.Here and there, shepherds guide flocks of sheep through shaded valleys.She was alone with her little flock of sheep, her companions a long way behind.She was depressed and suffering nightmares about the starving flock of sheep found abandoned near her villa.The flock of sheep had panicked into a shambling run.