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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsnakesnake1 /sneɪk/ ●●● W3 noun [countable]  1 snake.jpg HBAan animal with a long thin body and no legs, that often has a poisonous bite A snake slithered across our path.a poisonous/venomous snake2 TRUST# (also snake in the grass) informal someone who cannot be trustedCOLLOCATIONSadjectivesa poisonous/venomous snakeHe warned me there were poisonous snakes in the region.a deadly snakeIt is the most deadly snake in India.verbsa snake bites somebodyI might get bitten by a snake.a snake hisses (=makes a noise which sounds like 'ssss')The snake hissed at him and opened its mouth.a snake slithers somewhere (=moves there)Just feet from me, a green snake slithered silently across the path.a snake coils itself around somethingThe snake coiled itself around the branch.
Examples from the Corpus
snakeWhen I was born, the nurses said I was cold as a snake.They may be wise as an owl, slippery as an eel or even a snake in the grass.A geek is a carnival performer who bites the heads off live chickens and snakes.Now he found himself playing Kaa, the deaf snake known for the power of his hug.In a corner, hoses lay coiled like a family of dormant snakes.But at darkest midnight when all was silent in the house two great snakes came crawling into the nursery.A solid snake of people still wound back along the north shore of the loch.The snake was still inside the leg, and I couldn't even see it.a poisonous/venomous snakeWhile on a mission, Paul was bitten by a poisonous snake.