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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsnoutsnout /snaʊt/ noun  1 [countable]HBA the long nose of some kinds of animals, such as pigs2 [countable] British English informalSCCSCP a criminal who gives information about other criminals to the police
Examples from the Corpus
snoutDid I mention he had a snout?The mock-Stealer gestured at her snout clad in syn-skin.It has a long snout, erect ears, a shiny brown coat, and a tail thick as a muff.The swordfish family has a much longer, slender snout than the sailfish.A full frontal assault right in the snout.On high stools they squatted, hunched in their habitual dolour, their snouts inflamed and dripping in the irritant air.Soon the police hone in on him like hounds with snouts full of fear.It was enough to fry your brain, to sizzle the boogers in your snout.