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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishspoorspoor /spɔː, spʊə $ spɔːr, spʊr/ noun [singular, uncountable] technical  HBAthe track of footmarks or solid waste that a wild animal leaves as it moves along
Examples from the Corpus
spoorJackson sniffed the air like an animal taking a spoor.In waves, in subtle gusts, the room began to fill with the warmth and spoor of another being.We can track his spoor through the Letters.Now it was after other game; it was following the spoor of blood, up the moon-washed face of the cliff.The elephant-catching tribe, the Singphos, prepare for a catch in Assam, often tracking spoor on a river bank.For a start, I smelt your spoor on her when we danced together at the wedding.