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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsquirrelsquir‧rel1 /ˈskwɪrəl $ ˈskwɜːrəl/ ●●○ noun [countable]  squirrel.jpg HBAa small animal with a long furry tail that climbs trees and eats nuts
Examples from the Corpus
squirrelWire netting is the best defence against rabbits and squirrels, which will chew through plastic netting to plunder fruit crops.Woodchucks, like many other ground squirrels, hibernate in their underground burrows where they are thought to sleep away the winter.I felt grand and we chattered like little squirrels who have saved all the acorns for winter.The study claims that red squirrels have survived alongside grey squirrels for decades in forests in Norfolk and Staffordshire.But it seems to me that the principle that red squirrels make food, essentially out of nothing, is magic.I eventually concluded, however, that the red squirrels were harvesting maple syrup, much as we do.Like the squirrel, he should marry only some one of precisely the same blood lines as himself.She stood, laughing at him, her arms brown against her childish white vest, the squirrel peering round her neck.