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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsteedsteed /stiːd/ noun [countable] literary  HBAa strong fast horse
Examples from the Corpus
steedPanting and snorting like a mad battle steed that has lost its rider, the masterless ocean overruns the globe.Even in my mind I found it extremely unwieldy trying to lance one - let alone 100,000 - from a charging steed.One story had Mix trailering his famous steed as he sped along the highway.Then, it is said, Aenarion lay down beside his steed and passed from that age of the world.Roget's steed reared and whinnied in terror.He saw himself proudly standing in that wondrous car, his hands triumphantly guiding those steeds which Jove himself could not master.Yes, they roam the skies on their trusty steeds, well Ostrich's actually.The winged steed Pegasus, after skimming the air all day, went every night to a comfortable stable in Corinth.