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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstoatstoat /stəʊt $ stoʊt/ noun [countable]  HBAa small wild animal, similar to a weasel, that has a long thin body and brown fur
Examples from the Corpus
stoatWhile out ploughing a horseman had noticed a stoat some distance away stalking a rabbit.He found a dead stoat lying near the hedge.Others were machine-gunned on the wire and hung there like stoats until cut down.In a nearby bush a defunct oxyacetylene cutter attracted the attention of a passing stoat.And so in their turn came the fox and the stoat and the weasel.The crow sleeps glutted and the stoat begins.It was easy then, as the horseman saw, for the stoat to make its kill.The stoat was gradually moving round unobserved by the rabbit.