Date: 1300-1400
Language: Old French
Origin: estomac, from Latin stomachus 'throat, stomach', from Greek stomachos, from stoma 'mouth'


1 noun
stom‧ach1 S3 W3 [countable]
1HBHHBA the organ inside your body where food begins to be digested
2HBH the front part of your body, below your chest:
He turned round and punched Carlos in the stomach.

do something on an empty stomach

to do something when you have not eaten:
You shouldn't take the pills on an empty stomach.

turn your stomach

to make you feel sick or upset:
The sight of the slaughtered cow turned my stomach.

have no stomach for a fight/task etc

to have no desire to do something difficult, upsetting, or frightening

have a strong stomach

to be able to see or do things that are unpleasant without feeling sick or upset:
Don't go and see this film unless you have a strong stomach.

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