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straystray2 ●○○ adjective [only before noun]  1 HBALOST/DON'T KNOW WHERE YOU AREa stray animal, such as a dog or cat, is lost or has no home2 SEPARATEaccidentally separated from other things of the same kind One man was hit by a stray bullet and taken to hospital.
Examples from the Corpus
strayFour people were killed by stray bullets from the shoot-out.I was merely about to fire a blank to frighten off some stray cats.It soon became apparent that because of an administrative oversight our vehicle had not been insured against stray cattle.In a typical year about 40 stray Magellanic penguins used to arrive in the Rio area between June and August.Gardeners regularly stroll the grounds, picking up stray pieces of trash and trimming unruly bushes.A stray pixel in the eternal bit map.a stray sockShe had been sustained by the stray wolf.