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tametame2 verb [transitive]  1 REDUCEto reduce the power or strength of something and prevent it from causing trouble The prime minister managed to tame the trade unions.2 HBATEACHto train a wild animal to obey you and not to attack people syn domesticate The Asian elephant can be tamed and trained.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
tameDon Bradman, the catalyst of the affair, was only temporarily tamed, as his Test batting average of 56.57 testified.Unlike her former co-star, Antonio Banderas, Abril has not been tamed by Hollywood.He had fought a maddening, 24-hour battle against a river that California agriculture had tamed for more than a half century.Statistics show that rent control laws haven't tamed inflation.Where it should have tried harder, however, is with taming mechanical noise levels.Is there a product to tame my hair?These actions threw the economy into a recession, but also tamed the inflationary monster.Children and, later, teenagers have to learn to put a brake on their impulses, to tame their desires.