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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtuftedtuft‧ed /ˈtʌftɪd/ adjective  HBAwith a tuft or tufts a tufted duck
Examples from the Corpus
tuftedUse underlay under woven carpet, or jute-backed tufted carpet.The more popular types of tufted carpets are not manufactured.The ridged and tufted counterpane has been carefully and frequently laundered.Rain sheeted down on gad wall, tufted duck, coot and mallard.And black and white tufted ducks tacked to-and-fro, the wind blowing their crests into stiff little top-knots.We were watching the tufted ducks which made up for their late appearance this season by arriving in more than usual strength.Whenever I take hold of a woman I feel as though my feet are slithering on tufted grass and goat willow.The third is Royal Thistle a patterned tufted in 50% Wool 50% Polypropylene in 10 colours.The old man's ears were tufted with white hair.