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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtusktusk /tʌsk/ noun [countable]  HBAone of a pair of very long pointed teeth, that stick out of the mouth of animals such as elephants
Examples from the Corpus
tuskMales also often have body scars and broken tusks, suggestive of combat.There are pigmy giraffes, large giraffes with moose-like antlers and elephant-like creatures with downward-curving tusks in the lower jaw.Two large tusks and whiskers were clearly visible.Since tusks continue to grow throughout an elephant's life, the amount of ivory carried by the herds will also increase.Drago applied his fingers to some of the strings and adjusted a turnkey on the end of one of the tusks.Finely sculpted and painted a glossy orange, the tusks and trunks jutted out like bright brass horns from the wooden bars.I wanted to look in a mouth to see where those tusks were anchored.Walrus tusks were essentially substitutes for ivory in territories remote from supplies of elephant tusks.