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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishverminver‧min /ˈvɜːmɪn $ ˈvɜːr-/ noun [plural]  1 HBAsmall animals, birds, and insects that are harmful because they destroy crops, spoil food, and spread disease The beds were filthy and full of vermin. Foxes are considered vermin.2 UNPLEASANTunpleasant people who cause problems for society
Examples from the Corpus
verminVermin like that should never be allowed near children.The hut was sweltering with smoke and steam and everybody scratched as vermin crept and bit under their clothes.The huntsmen believe they're doing a necessary job, culling vermin quickly and efficiently.Householders and shop owners in the town have been put on standby because of the influx of vermin.The driver tried to quieten the horses as two screeching cats, fighting over some vermin, scurried out of the shadows.