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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwolfwolf1 /wʊlf/ ●●○ noun (plural wolves /wʊlvz/) [countable]  1 wolf.jpg HBAa wild animal that looks like a large dog and lives and hunts in groups a pack of wolves2 a wolf in sheep’s clothing3 keep the wolf from the doorwolfish adjective a wolfish grin cry wolf at cry1(7), → lone wolf at lone(3)
Examples from the Corpus
wolfa pack of wolvesA wild cat passes near, somebody spots a yak, there is talk of a new plague of wolves.They were shown to a small table in the corner, next to a life-sized plaster wolf.The wolf: A wicked, clever, hungry, talking wolf.So the wolf tried to climb down through the chimney.And, of course, there were the wolves.The wolf was so full, in fact, that he could not fit out through the exit again.The wolves clustered around the base of the tree looked up with interest at their next meal talking to himself.pack of wolvesPuppies will herd hens in a farmyard, just as a pack of wolves will encircle an ailing prey.The genes in a pack of wolves don't all stand to gain from the same set of events in the future.A pack of wolves is not.Men prowled the motel like packs of wolves searching out easy prey.It is not true of the pack of wolves.