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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishzebraze‧bra /ˈziːbrə, ˈze- $ ˈziːbrə/ noun [countable]  zebra.jpg HBAan animal that looks like a horse but has black and white lines all over its body
Examples from the Corpus
zebraInsofar as a zebra finch can be said to have a mind, the hormone is a mind-altering drug.Perhaps unsurprisingly among fifteen hundred people making black-and-white film, there was talk about zebras.We ate raclette and gelato and haggis and reindeer and zebra and water buffalo.And in the mountain zebra there is an unusual, fine grid-iron pattern along the central line.The conversation continued, punctuated by the Frenchtaxicab calls of zebra finches.A herd of zebras, hence, produces about a quarter to a third of its weight in prey carcases per year.Plus the best and most affordable selection of fake fur cushions in town - zebra, leopard, tiger among others.