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Topic: Anthropology

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishanthropologyan‧thro‧pol‧o‧gy /ˌænθrəˈpɒlədʒi $ -ˈpɑː-/ noun [uncountable]  SAthe scientific study of people, their societies, cultures etcethnology, sociologyanthropologist noun [countable]anthropological /ˌænθrəpəˈlɒdʒɪkəl◂ $ -ˈlɑː-/ adjective
Examples from the Corpus
anthropologyIndeed, there is a whole discipline, cultural anthropology, that devotes itself to the study of human cultural differences.Houk was in Trinidad in 1988 to gather information for his anthropology dissertation, which he completed in 1992.Gossip has received some attention in anthropology.Empiricism and positivism have been put to flight in anthropology, philosophy, aesthetics, economics.Political and legal anthropology Many of the anthropologists dealing with political organization have chosen to approach this from a conflict perspective.Once again in this phrase reaction against the nineteenth century is bound to a standpoint which relies on anthropology.The study of this aspect of language provides links with other disciplines such as sociology, social anthropology, psychology and philosophy.Now, through anthropology, he renewed them.