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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdemographyde‧mog‧ra‧phy /dɪˈmɒɡrəfi $ -ˈmɑː-/ noun [uncountable]  SAthe study of human populations and the ways in which they change, for example the study of how many births, marriages and deaths happen in a particular place at a particular timedemographer noun [countable]
Examples from the Corpus
demographyConsumer markets are usually segmented on the basis of geography, demography and buyer-behaviour.Forecasting future fertility is the most difficult task in demography, and seldom successfully attempted.But this study, from psychologists in Durham, is demography not anecdote.He set out to learn the theory and data of demography.The census can not total up its own demography.The equation needed to adjust for practice demography will be difficult to validate.This team draws together researchers with experience in economic and social demography with epidemiology and statistics.In these respects the demography of the nineteenth century is less easy to explore than that of the parish-register period.