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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishethniceth‧nic1 /ˈeθnɪk/ ●●○ W3 AWL adjective  1 SARACErelating to a particular race, nation, or tribe and their customs and traditions The school teaches pupils from different ethnic groups. ethnic Russians in Estoniaethnic violence/divisions/strife etc (=violence etc between people from different races or cultures)ethnic background/origin The students are from a variety of ethnic backgrounds. plans to partition the republic along ethnic lines (=in a way that keeps different ethnic groups apart)2 ethnic cooking/fashion/design etcethnically /-kli/ adverb Surinam is culturally and ethnically diverse.COLLOCATIONSnounsan ethnic groupPeople of Ukrainian descent are Canada’s fifth largest ethnic group.an ethnic minority (=a small ethnic group living within a much larger group)Ethnic minorities have tended to live together in the same areas of the city.ethnic origin/background (=the race or country that someone originally came from)Schools are increasingly composed of pupils of different religions and different ethnic origins.an ethnic Russian/Albanian etc (=someone whose family is Russian etc, but who is living in another country)Romania’s 1.6 million ethnic Hungarians make up about 7 percent of the country’s population.an ethnic mix (=a mixture of people from different ethnic groups who live in the same place)The city has a wonderful ethnic mix.ethnic diversity (=the fact of including people from many different ethnic groups)Chicago prides itself on its ethnic diversity.ethnic violence/conflict (=fighting or trouble between different ethnic groups)Hundreds were killed and injured in the country’s worst outbreak of ethnic violence.ethnic divisions (=disagreements between members of different ethnic groups)Ethnic divisions continue to plague parts of America.ethnic tension (=a feeling of tension and lack of trust between members of different ethnic groups)It is feared that the growing ethnic tension could lead to civil war.an ethnic identity (=the feeling of belonging to one race or national group)These small tribal communities share a common ethnic identity.
Examples from the Corpus
ethnicTheir concerns now became far more parochial and ethnic, and party considerations undoubtedly began to play a greater part.Employers cannot discriminate on the basis of racial or ethnic background.fighting in Bosnia between people from different ethnic backgroundsReports of ethnic cleansing in former Yugoslavia forced the European states and the US into taking action.This surge of humanity has disrupted land-holding patterns and economic relationships and engendered ethnic conflict.Real ethnic crimes have begun to replace imaginary ones.The Indonesians of the city form a distinct ethnic group.In the large cities of Africa, where different ethnic groups with many different languages are thrown together, people communicate in English or Swahili.The adverse housing conditions of ethnic minorities are well known and not unexpected.Bogus applicants offend ethnic minorities as much as anyone else.Only the Tories increased the number of their ethnic minority candidates, selecting two, moreover, for winnable seats.The ethnic mosaic of the neighborhoods.Harrassment of ethnic or religious minorities would result in various international sanctions.In California it is illegal to refuse to do business with someone because of their race or ethnic origin.Ethnic unrest is spreading throughout the south-western republics of the former Soviet Union.Hundreds of people have been killed in the recent ethnic violence.ethnic groupsWe will set new targets to cut the inequalities in health between social classes and ethnic groups.The concern of this chapter, however, is with vertical inequalities - between social classes, ethnic groups and the sexes.Certain ethnic groups are at higher risk for developing diabetes.The Plan stresses that point and also underlines the need to make sure that minority ethnic groups are catered for.The main congregation is divided into ethnic groups for time of worship, study and fellowship.There are also differences between ethnic groups in the percentage of one-parent families, as Figure 2.16 shows.There will also be a segment devoted to racial reconciliation, with pastors of different races and ethnic groups meeting onstage.Different ethnic groups within the country have been engaged in a civil war for more than forty-five years.