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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishNeanderthal manNeˈanderthal ˌman noun [uncountable]  SAan early type of human being who lived in Europe during the Stone Age
Examples from the Corpus
Neanderthal manSuch groundless critiques, however, have contributed to the perception of Washington as a Neanderthal man.Underlexicalisation is also found when the narrator adumbrates another difference between Neanderthal man and homosapiens.For this reason David Whitaker chose the harnessing of fire by Neanderthal man as the subject for the first adventure.For man's earliest identifiable ancestors - notably Neanderthal man - were clearly both more ape-like and culturally inferior to their discoverers.Such a correlation between sound and sign can be traced back to the age of Neanderthal Man.Tuami and his people have escaped from the perceived menace of Neanderthal man, whose humanity they do not recognise.Evidence of ritual burial goes back at least to Neanderthal man and possibly even earlier.Investigations do, however, show instances where Neanderthal Man and Cro-Magnon Man transformed phalanxes already perforated by wolf bites.