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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtribetribe /traɪb/ ●●○ noun [countable]  1 SAGROUP OF PEOPLEa social group consisting of people of the same race who have the same beliefs, customs, language etc, and usually live in one particular area ruled by their leader a tribe of Aborigines known as the Dolphin People2 a group of people with the same interests – used especially to show disapproval tribes of journalists3 HBa group of related animals or plants the cat tribe4 humorousFAMILY a large family We were only expecting Jack and his wife, but the whole tribe turned up.
Examples from the Corpus
tribeThere is a tribe of beetles that specializes in feeding on bitter plants.Western Australian tribesThere, capitalism dissolved social differentiation - families, castes, clans, tribes, provinces, religions, gender, nationality.The Ghond tribe would only accept food from a Ghond cook.In recent years, the tribe had been badly affected by diseases brought in by prospecting miners.The tribe danced for three days in the hope that the Great Spirits would send them rain.The tribes which inhabit the Upper Hunter and the adjacent parts of the colony are extremely harmless and well disposed.