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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwhitewhite1 /waΙͺt/ ●●● S1 W1 adjective πŸ”Š πŸ”Š 1 colourCC having the colour of milk, salt, or snow πŸ”Š a white dresspure/snow white (=completely white) πŸ”Š snow white hair2 people a) SAbelonging to the race of people with pale skin β†’ black πŸ”Š young white males b) SArelating to white people πŸ”Š a white neighborhood3 CCCOLOUR/COLORpale looking pale, because of illness, strong emotion etc πŸ”Š Are you OK? You’re white as a sheet (=extremely pale).white with anger/fear etc πŸ”Š Her voice shook, and her face was white with anger.4 DFDcoffee [usually before noun] British English white coffee has milk or cream in it5 DFDwine white wine is a pale yellow colour β†’ red6 β†’ a white Christmas7 β†’ whiter than white β€”whiteness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
whiteβ€’ white daisiesβ€’ He and a white friend, William Grady, had been chased into the station by white youths throwing bottles and stones.β€’ His thick white hair was cut short and unevenly, so that in parts it stood up in clumps.β€’ For years, the female tilt toward the Democrats was balanced by disproportionate white male support for Republicans.β€’ Nice white socks and a proper little coat.β€’ A derivation of White Sunday, it refers to the white garments worn by the recently baptised Christians of the early Church.β€’ Hundreds of white tables with white chairs are mostly filled with suntanned white people dressed colorfully.pure/snow whiteβ€’ Colouration: Goldfish may have a range of colours from black and brown, through gold to pure white.β€’ Of course, her wish came true, and she named her child Snow White.β€’ When investing in a new kitchen, most people still go for easy-on-the-eye neutral shades, pure whites and sophisticated greys.β€’ A pure white butterfly tossed about in the light on the edge of the lake.β€’ I also like the pure white gesso primer as it gives luminosity to my colours.β€’ Her hair is pure white, her face covered with spidery lines, but her eyes are absolutely clear, sparkling.β€’ I looked behind me to see a pure white wall.β€’ Walt Disney launched Snow white with just such a bond-building, going-into-battle speech.white as a sheetβ€’ He went as white as a sheet and backed off immediately.β€’ Hoomey came back white as a sheet, speechless.