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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdolmendol‧men /ˈdɒlmen, -mən $ ˈdoʊlmən, ˈdɒːl-, ˈdɑːl-/ noun [countable] technical  SHAAtwo or more large upright stones supporting a large flat piece of stone, built in ancient times
Examples from the Corpus
dolmenIn addition to the circle, there was the King Stone standing stone and the Whispering Knights, a dolmen in close proximity.He was the first person I'd met that day who didn't know what a dolmen was.The shadow's information proved to be correct; fifteen minutes later, I found my dolmen.The shadow appeared to have an extensive knowledge of dolmens and their whereabouts.We talked of dolmens and stone circles.Elisabeth walked the few metres down the path to the round dolmen.I must have passed in and out of several counties that morning, looking for that dolmen.Sure, of course I know where the dolmen is.