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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdomeddomed /dəʊmd $ doʊmd/ adjective  AATBcovered with a dome or shaped like a dome the domed roof of the church
Examples from the Corpus
domedCut a little off the wide base of the large cake so that it will sit firmly as the domed body of the clown.A floor of polished marble, a domed ceiling of gold mosaic.In an old domed church, sunlight painted rainbow jewels on the marble floor.A female puppet with a fine, domed forehead entered, swishing black velvet.Steel columns support the vaulted, domed glass ceilings.The smaller dispensers are called swan-necks and the larger, with domed heads, are called, mushroom dispensers.Instead, it forms a huge domed shield on the front of which are two bean-shaped compound eyes.Toronto, with its big domed stadium, is a likely site for the Olympic games.The domed structure was wrecked, smashed open at one side like an eggshell.