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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishDoricDor‧ic /ˈdɒrɪk $ ˈdɔː-, ˈdɑː-/ adjective  AAin the oldest and simplest of the Greek building stylesIonic a Doric column
Examples from the Corpus
DoricMost Roman temples are in the Corinthian order, a few Ionic but rarely Doric.The Doric capitals were large and simple, the Ionic ones of the Aeolic type.In places the platform loggia was formed of a row of Doric columns, as at Negombo.The portal is of local limestone and classical design, with attached Doric columns flanking the round arch.They were flanked by Doric columns.The Doric Order is also used and the column is the same height as the Trajan one, that is 115 feet.Three sides of the courtyard were colonnaded in the Doric Order.