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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmonolithmon‧o‧lith /ˈmɒnəlɪθ $ ˈmɑː-/ noun [countable]  1 PGCONTROLa large powerful organization that cannot change quickly and does not consider the ideas or feelings of the people it affects It is misleading to see the legal system as a monolith.2 RFAAa large tall block of stone, especially one that was put in place in ancient times, possibly for religious reasons
Examples from the Corpus
monolithWomen, of course, are not a monolith, any more than men are.Luisenlund Bronze Age monoliths and the rift valley of Ekkodal.Funny old motels like the No-Tel are making way for the bland beige monoliths of world-wide corporate culture.The Hotel Dunbar was a pink and chocolate-colored brick monolith on 42nd Street.the collapse of the Communist monolith in Eastern EuropeMy memos are spitballs in the face of the faceless monolith where I work.The great monolith of my ambition.On the other side of the gorge stood a line of eight irregularly shaped monoliths.The main eye-catcher about the Plomosas is the sprawling monolith of Black Mesa.Over to your right in the distance, half-hidden by a fold of land, is a broken circle of stone monoliths.