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spanspan3 verb (spanned, spanning) [transitive]  1 INCLUDEto include all of a period of time a career which spanned nearly 60 years2 INCLUDEto include all of a particular space or area The Mongol Empire spanned much of Central Asia.3 TBCLONGif a bridge spans an area of water, especially a river, it goes from one side to the other→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
spanCecil Pickett's teaching career spanned 33 years.The columns carried hefty ceiling or roof beams, sometimes spanning 5 metres, but usually less.Mason Pearson's unsurpassed reputation for true value combined with the very highest standards in hair care now spans a whole century.In a career spanning four decades, Brewster had many legal triumphs.A key feature is the system's automatic two-phase commit support for distributed transactions spanning multiple heterogeneous databases that support two-phase commit.Moreover, the proposed business units would span several establishments and would not lend themselves easily to rapid consolidation.Some researchers believe the topography may even approach a Himalayan scale, spanning several miles from peak to trough."Heimat' is a vivid social drama spanning sixty years in the life of one small village.It took a full forty-eight hours to span the continent from New York to Los Angeles.career ... spannedNorman Schwarzkopf's army career spanned 35 years.