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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishvaultingvault‧ing1 /ˈvɔːltɪŋ $ ˈvɒːl-/ noun [uncountable]  AATBBarches in a roof or ceiling Gothic vaulting
Examples from the Corpus
vaultingConcrete vaulting supported the tiers of seats as in an amphitheatre and under the vaults were corridors lit by outer arcades.Since then his heart had not been in the horse vaulting or the running on the spot.Inside, it is on three-aisled, rectangular plan with Medieval vaulting and walls painted all over in figure compositions.The nave and choir have the usual Gothic ribbed vault but in the aisles the Piast vaulting can be clearly studied.On the staircase, Ried's hand can be seen again in the rib vaulting of c.1500.Inside, the vaulting is quadripartite throughout and all of one height.The vaulting is once again recognizably his.The vaulting is ribbed throughout, lofty and well-proportioned.