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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisharmouredar‧moured British English, armored American English /ˈɑːməd $ ˈɑːrmərd/ adjective  1 PMAarmoured vehicles have an outside layer made of metal to protect them from attack armored personnel carriers2 PMAan armoured army uses armoured vehicles an armoured division
Examples from the Corpus
armouredAmong the tortoises and turtles, the overlapping scales have been replaced by a large, thick armoured box of horn.Each side could also retain 18,000 armoured infantry combat vehicles weighing between 6 and 16.5 tonnes, and 12,000 lighter armoured vehicles.I stumbled off to be sick behind an armoured personnel carrier as he started on Marius.Until the armoured regiment had crossed its start line, the armoured infantry would pause momentarily in forward holding areas.Policemen were equipped with self-loading rifles, jeeps and even armoured tractors to chase militants into the fields.Then to David Stirling's fury they saw a convoy of light armoured vehicles moving across their line of advance.WEAPONS/ARMOUR: Marius wears a suit of heavy armour and rides an armoured Warhorse.