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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbarracksbar‧racks /ˈbærəks/ noun [plural]  PMAa building or group of buildings in which soldiers live
Examples from the Corpus
barracksClimbing the hill together. we stopped for a moment to look at the army barracks on the edge of town.Then another car, this time stopping so occupants could stare at the U. S. Air Force barracks.Western diplomats said army chief General Melvin Khanga permitted his chaplain to read the letter in barracks.With these exceptions, troops lived in barracks, and certainly the officers were rarely posted to their home territories.Most of the reported deaths, however, were due to torture in both military barracks and police stations.New barracks are rising where dilapidated Navy quarters had been.He ordered two barracks torn down and a fountain constructed on the cement base of a latrine.