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billetbillet2 verb [transitive]  PMAto put soldiers in a private house to live there temporarily→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
billetThere was torchlight in the longhouse where Bragad's men were billeted.As he stood there one of the Circle longhouses where Bragad's' Wares had been billeted began to blossom with flame.Mandeville and Southgate joined us, the soldiers who had accompanied us being billeted elsewhere.I was billeted in a block of flats in St John's Wood - luxurious before the lush fittings had been removed.I was billeted in Wolverton during the winter months, when the blackout was most restrictive.The meeting lasted two days and the competitors were billeted out in the homes of local schoolchildren.It was the old sea captain, in whose house Nils had billeted us, who told us.A little girl called Jeanne was billeted with us.