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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbootyboot‧y /ˈbuːti/ noun  1 PMAWIN[uncountable] especially literary valuable things that a group of people, especially an army that has just won a victory, take away from somewhere syn loot2 [countable] American English informal the part of your body that you sit on syn backside, bottom
Examples from the Corpus
bootyThis would be such a female as our already seriously humbled hero could not manhandle as mere booty.A fair amount of booty went with them, but no prisoners.Freelance soldiers that they were, they depended upon their captains for recruitment, organisation, distribution of booty, and pay.Rob had never asked where the tapes came from, whether they were gift or booty.Hitler's architectural schemes required war to provide the booty and raw materials to fund them, and slave-labour to construct them.I had seen the booty on the Trans-Siberian and told him that the Apple was doubtful.The booty arrived in Houston about 48 hours before a May 11 opening.This is only the second time in post-war history that war booty art treasures have been put on view.