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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbrigadierbrig‧a‧dier /ˌbrɪɡəˈdɪə◂ $ -ˈdɪr◂/ noun [countable]  PMAa high military rank in the British army, or the person who has this rank
Examples from the Corpus
brigadierIn November 1917 he was made a brigadier general in command of a brigade of 3,000 men.A brigadier general has been put in charge; dozens of police commanders have been replaced by military officers.He was promoted to lieutenant-colonel in 1930 and brigadier in 1933, and he was knighted in 1937.Its transformation since then has been led by Rafi Harlev, a retired air-force brigadier.His father is a faceless figure: a retired brigadier, reserved and taciturn.He's a retired brigadier and one of Ivor's rivals where Stuart coins are concerned.The brigadier tried to stem the flow with a tourniquet.