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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcavalrycav‧al‧ry /ˈkævəlri/ noun [plural, uncountable]  1 PMAthe part of an army that fights on horses, especially in the past The Black Prince led a cavalry charge against them.2 PMAthe part of a modern army that uses tanks
Examples from the Corpus
cavalryBut last week the Republican ad cavalry charged to the rescue.The columns included foot soldiers, artillery and cavalry units, white-topped sup-ply wagons, and dark-hued ambulances.It's usually worth protecting those high-cost cavalry units with a banner of Arcane Warding or Protection.These were organized into four divisions of foot soldiers and about 500 light cavalry.A wounded horse limped in the wheat, trying to catch up with the other cavalry horses.The substantial remains of the cavalry fort include a bath house showing the sophisticated workings of the underfloor heating system.My grandfather said the cavalry from Fort McDowell sent out patrols to chase Apaches.And I could see no more, until the cavalry came to the rescue.