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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcommandocom‧man‧do /kəˈmɑːndəʊ $ kəˈmændoʊ/ noun (plural commandos or commandoes)  1 PMA[countable] a soldier who is specially trained to make quick attacks into enemy areas a commando raid2 go commando
Examples from the Corpus
commandoBut, in politics, this 12-term congressman is a commando.The mask made me look terrifying and rather professional, like a commando.John Durnford-Slater would have accepted this sailor's surrender, but a more angry commando shot the bomber dead.The way this raid was organised, the commando landing, and street battles make this a classic of fighting raids.Yet the commando captain shook off the discomfort of this experience and went on to reach his objective.The commando chief Rosemary lost interest in leading desperate missions.All Navy SEALs begin their commando careers on the beach and in the waters at the base.