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contingentcontingent2 noun [countable]  1 GROUP OF PEOPLEa group of people who all have something in common, such as their nationality, beliefs etc, and who are part of a larger group Has the Scottish contingent arrived yet?2 PMAa group of soldiers sent to help a larger groupcontingent of A large contingent of troops was dispatched.GRAMMAR: Singular or plural verb?Contingent is usually followed by a singular verb: A large contingent of fans is travelling to the game.In British English, you can also use a plural verb: A large contingent of fans are travelling to the game.
Examples from the Corpus
contingentAt the time he commanded a contingent of Katangese levies and about twenty white mercenaries at Watsa.There was a large American contingent, including the Olympic bronze medallist, Thomas Jefferson.Lack of Administrative Communication Job anxieties within the entire contingent continued, and dissatisfaction mounted.If there was a substantial homosexual contingent at any one mass, it was composed of fairly discrete people.His own contingent grew and when the shanyu died, he led his people off.A second contingent of base personnel departed early Monday morning.It is this prospect that has prompted trade union leaders with a public-sector contingent to be wary about the single currency project.A small contingent of English fans had made the trip to Sydney to support their team.A small contingent of members were given the option of running either 15 or 21 miles.Not surprisingly, there was a large student contingent at the demonstration.The trouble between Alan and the university contingent begins almost immediately.contingent of troopsThe entrance was barred by a contingent of troops.One day soon afterwards, Lily and I stood and watched a contingent of troops marching through the streets.On election day, the regime brought contingents of troops into the city to vote for its candidates.