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desertde‧sert2 /dɪˈzɜːt $ -ˈzɜːrt/ ●○○ verb  1 [transitive]LEAVE A RELATIONSHIP to leave someone or something and no longer help or support them syn abandon Helen was deserted by her husband. Many of the party’s traditional voters deserted it at the last election. The price rise caused many readers to desert the magazine.desert somebody for somebody He deserted her for another woman.2 [transitive]LEAVE YOUR HOME/COUNTRY to leave a place so that it is completely empty syn abandon The birds have deserted their nest.3 [intransitive]PMA to leave the army, navy etc without permission Several hundred soldiers have deserted.4 [transitive]EMOTIONAL# if a feeling, quality, or skill deserts you, you no longer have it, especially at a time when you need it Mike’s confidence seemed to have deserted him.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
desertU.S. officials say 1000 enemy soldiers have deserted.The three men had tried to desert, but were brought back to camp and shot.Mrs Hasan was deserted by her husband and had to support four children on her own.Goldilocks finds a house in the woods that seems to have been deserted by its owners.Several thousand soldiers desert every year, and military prosecutors, knowing the conditions, are reluctant to punish them.He obtained the grenades from a friend who had deserted from the army.Paul feels that his father deserted him after the divorce.His own men deserted him, poisoned his food, and eventually shot him in the head.The present site was apparently first recorded about 1939 and Aldershaw was deserted in 1947.His father had deserted the family when Graham was three years old.I deserted the play, as did the other actors on stage, and leapt into the audience.Hibs' contribution was substantial until their stamina deserted them.