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1 noun
1 [countable]TZ a tool or machine used for making holes in something:
an electric drill
a whine like a dentist's drill
pneumatic drill
2 [countable]SES a method of teaching students, sports players etc something by making them repeat the same lesson, exercise etc many times:
a pronunciation drill

fire/emergency drill

an occasion when people practise what they should do in a dangerous situation such as a fire
4 [uncountable]PMA military training in which soldiers practise marching, using weapons etc:
rifle drill

the drill

British English old-fashioned the usual way that something is done:
'You know the drill?' 'Not really. Tell me again what to do.'
6 [uncountable]TIM a type of strong cotton cloth
7 [countable]
a) TAC a machine for planting seeds in rows
b) TAC a row of seeds planted by a machine

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