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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgarrisongar‧ri‧son1 /ˈɡærəsən/ noun [countable]  1 PMAa group of soldiers living in a town or fort and defending it The garrison was called out when news of the enemy’s advance was received. a garrison town2 the buildings where a garrison of soldiers live
Examples from the Corpus
garrisonEven so, he was given a garrison command at Rockingham.The lowering clouds hindered their aircraft from bombing and strafing his men and made parachuting supplies to their beleaguered garrison nearly impossible.Among edgy garrisons, with military pride an ingredient, something to be squashed immediately.These were real soldiers, part of the Governors Island garrison, many of them wounded veterans of two years of war.Leaving a small garrison at Tourane, he sailed south to Saigon.Some wondered if it had been lowered by the garrison.And heavy rain, at this period of the siege, was something that the garrison could have well done without.A volunteer garrison was left on the Acropolis.