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generalgeneral2 noun  PMAPMP[countable] an officer of very high rank in the army or air force
Examples from the Corpus
generalHis edge was none too great for a general who planned to attack a heavily fortified position.I was a general at the head of an army, and the objectives were clearly defined.The Democratic attorney general of Tennessee told Shipley to do what he thought right, and Shipley had gotten his notes together.He simply notified the attorney general of a threat to the public peace and asked him to enforce federal law.In general, Forbes opposes any law that raises the cost of doing business.The truth may be that Pyongyang's generals were unwilling to deliver the goods to the Pentagon's generals.This does not mean he can get Colin Powell; the general seems to have ruled himself out of the running.But as it was, when the generals entered they had it all their own presumptuous way.